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It embodies a spirit of generosity, kindness, and respect

From Julian and Zoe's family

I think that Love Caravan is a great initiative. It embodies a spirit of generosity, kindness, and respect – all values that are important for young people to see in action and to cultivate in themselves. Our kids got to participate among volunteers that were reaching out with their personal time and energy to create direct effects in communities all across Canada. I think that it was a valuable experience for Julian and Zoe. They were very comfortable performing for and interacting with the seniors audience, and they really enjoyed being a part of the Caravan. We as parents try to help them develop a sense of engagement with their community and heritage by encouraging their involvement in various cultural forms of dance and music. Practicing their skills and then performing in public helps them to develop traits like diligence and confidence, and to build an attitude of volunteering and service. We saw these values in what the Love Caravan was doing, and we are happy to support them in their efforts.

Julian (14 years old)

I really enjoyed working with the Love Caravan. I really liked seeing how happy the elders were while I was playing the piano. It was a fun experience to go to a senior centre/home to play the piano and to share my talent with other people who enjoy listening to music. Overall, it was a very fun event and I would definitely perform with Love Caravan again.

Zoe (10 years old)

I was pleased to work alongside Love Caravan to make the elders happy. It was so delightful to see the joyous looks on their faces as we gave them what we had to share. I enjoyed visiting, singing, and playing for them, as cheer was in the air all around us. I believe Caravan’s dream to make elders happier is wonderful and I hope they will continue for years and even longer. I feel that Love Caravan is a great service to all of us.

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