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For Commemoration, For Continuation

Phase 2 of the first Cross-Canada Youth Volunteer Tour for Seniors in Canadian history is commencing its preparation phase. (Yeah!!!)

September 4, 2016, as the Love Caravan team stands on Parliament Hill, enjoying their last taste of the warm breath of the eastern coast, taking photos to immortalize the memory, a deeply felt happiness and sense of pride is to be found in the eyes of every participant of the first Cross-Canada Youth Volunteer Tour for Seniors.

4 provinces 8 cities over 6000km distance covered 14 days 9 senior homes 400 happy faces of seniors 326 signatures 417 fu cards Innumerable touching moments Countless unforeseen difficulties encountered & help received

In this moment, our spirits were veritably alight with feelings of pure joy. “Yes! We did it. We completed a great project worth remembering forever; both in the history of immigrants in Canada, and in the history of charitable projects in Canada. Even after 11 months and 26 days, thinking back on this project gets me excited and makes me emotional. This trip has left its mark on me as a special memory worth treasuring forever, for all the seniors and volunteers who participated in it, as well as all the people and groups whom shared with us their love, and whom lent us support. It will also surely make for a powerful encouragement for all the volunteers whom are about to continue this journey in 2017. We will keep our promise of going all throughout Canada within 2-3 years, continuing our effort to build a custom of care and respect for seniors amongst the youth of many different ethnic backgrounds.

To conclude, we would like to present you all with a short video, to pay our most sincere tribute to all the volunteers who participated, and all the groups and individuals who lent us their support during the first Cross-Canada Youth Volunteer Tour for Seniors in Canadian history (phase 1) in 2016. Thank you all so much! Thanks to you, we are able to continue forward with yet more determination, no matter what rain and storm may come!

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