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New Partnership with City Vancouver Academy

We are happy to announce our new partnership with City Vancouver Academy! This partnership will allow more volunteers to join Love Caravan on the journey to raise awareness of intergenerational connection and develop a custom of love and respect towards seniors, while giving back to the community!

City Vancouver Academy is a Canadian Independent high school that offers a variety of grade 10, 11, and 12 education and courses necessary for high school graduation. All of these courses are recognized by the BC Ministry of Education. Students are taught in small and interactive classes. Course credits can be transferred to and from other public or private schools.

The academic year at City Vancouver Academy is divided into four semesters: January to April, May to June, July to August and September to December. In their accelerated program, students will be able to complete all the requirements for high school graduation in just 2 years!

Furthermore, with admission to top universities becoming more and more difficult to receive, City Vancouver Academy understands that students need to develop skills beyond academia. Students will be given a variety of leadership opportunities that will not only make them competitive university applicants, but will also shape them into the leaders of tomorrow.

For more information about City Vancouver Academy, please visit their website:

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